In Session: Courttia Newland@Oxfam Bookshop and Music 14/5/12

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EVENT DATE: Tuesday 15th March 2012, 7–8pm
VENUE: Oxfam Bookshop & Music, 34 Strutton Ground, London SW1V 2HR
HEADLINE EVENT TITLE: ‘In session’ with guest author Courttia Newland
PROCEEDS: Entry free, bookshop opening hours to be extended on the evening of the event to 8.00pm (usual closing time 6.00pm).  All proceeds from donations during the event go to Oxfam.


The Gospel According to Cane – pre-order

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OK, this has been a full week for me, but; The Gospel According to Cane is now available for pre-order. Answers to FAQ – no, that isn’t the finished cover, it’s just a pre-order mock up – and no, I’m not gonna tell you what it’s about. Yet.

So all of you ‘like to wait until Xmas to open the pressies’ people will have to hold tight a bit longer.

And all you inquisitive, can’t wait until next year folk, click here.

Courttia Newland youtube channel…

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Yes, you heard right I have a youtube channel! All my interviews, panels and readings in one place. For those interested click here.

And I also have an FB page, so to join up for newsletters etc… click here.

New interview on Commonwealth 17/4/12

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Many thanks to Jen, Farad and everyone at Commonwealth Writers for this one!

To see interview click here.

Writing for the City – Creative Writing Workshop – 4.3.12

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I’m teaching a one day course called Writing for the City at City Lit on March 4th, please check out the link if interested – using acute observation, unpicking the threads that bind our everyday lives, and exploring texts both past and present we will explore aspects of depicting inner city life in fiction; please click here for details.

I have a Facebook page…

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Just to let you all know, I have created a FB page that will have info, stories, thoughts… Just like my site actually! So if you’re into those things feel free… But if you’re not feel… Trapped. And coerced.


For FB page click here

No Room at The Table – Making Inclusion a Reality for Black British writers

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Words of Colour and English PEN are hosting this event to focus on the realities facing Black British writers today. Part of the Free Speech Café, award-winning author Courttia Newland, Jonathan Heawood, director of English PEN and Words of Colour’s executive director Joy Francis will tackle a range of questions, including: What are the barriers for Black British writers working today? Why is it that not enough Black British writers are being published? Are literature festivals celebrating the diversity of writers in the UK enough? What are the free speech issues? And what role can English PEN play to support Black British writers in the UK?

6.30pm, Thursday 1 March
Venue: Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road
Tickets: £2
How to Book: Call 020 7324 2535 or click on the link here.