I have been trying to make sense of the last few weeks here in the UK, firstly as an author, someone who disseminates information, and then writes my own thoughts on the subject, based on what I have learned. This was always done with the intention of writing about the riots, what I saw on those four days, what came before and what has occurred afterwards. That may still be the case. But when I saw the misinformation being spread by the media, and the greedy way some of our own, who should know better, have jumped on the promotional self-hate train, I grew skeptical about using  the media to further our goals. That might change. Moreover, sifting through the wealth of info being broadcast and published, I began to see that eminent thinkers were already writing on the subject, and that I could possibly act as a conduit to their well-stated thoughts. One of these people is brother Toyin Agbetu, who some of you no doubt have heard of, but I only recently had the pleasure of meeting. Wiser heads will prevail. I will be publishing their thoughts on my pages as if they were my own, with the intention of reaching those of you that would prefer to act, rather than speak.

There will be more posts to follow.

Courttia Newland