Interesting article by ex-soldier Joe Glenton here.


~ by courttianewland on 03/05/2011.


  1. Don’t allow yourself to be lead astray by media properganda. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    One doesn’t give life, therefore don’t rejoice in the death of a brother.

    The fact is he may not even be dwarf. It’s likely that a deal was made to silence him.

    He was a friend of the government, they all roster within the dame circle, when the fall out. Innocent lives are lost.

    His ideology lives on in the minds of his loyal follows. One ought to spread peace, joy and love. Generate oceans of love an the ripple effects to grow peace globally. Xx

    • I actually think the article agrees with you; celebration is futile when justice clearly hasn’t been served; if anyone needed a fair trial, even if it was just to show real western democracy at work, it was this guy. Remember how mad the US were when it seemed as though Iraqi’s were celebrating 9/11? Then it turned out the video footage was fake. The footage of US civilians celebrating at Ground Zero and across America was real. What makes one more justifiable than the other? The brutal killing of thousands doesn’t justify the brutal killing of one. When the US should have taken a stand and shown the world how their judicial system works, they opted for the terrorist approach. I’m very disappointed in them, and Obama.

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