OK, I’m gonna say it.

It’s seems as though there is a marked resolve to ignore the chaos around us. When citizens of the public regularly meet their deaths before and sometimes during police custody, and nothing is done about that, I tend to think that something isn’t quite right. And while I’m in full favour of the credo ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ I would also like to say that those waters should flow in two directions. A full and detailed inquiry into these deaths as a whole is the necessary response, for the families of the deceased and society.

Yet what I really don’t understand is the continued silence of our writers. The mouthpieces of our community, those who claim to speak for the voiceless.  You know who you are. Some of us who are lucky enough to possess louder voices, voices that might be listened to, say nothing. In a week where we’ve seen air strikes in Libya and a march held in protest against government cuts, I’ve also seen wall posts concerning invitations to garden parties with the Queen, photos posing with Jedward. I had to shake my head, rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing straight. In a month where a man died in the presence of the police with a single knife blow to the heart while they allegedly stood in the next room?

I’m not saying that people shouldn’t aspire to success. Or that I’m even trying to damn their version of what success means. But in a time where people overseas are fighting for liberty, in the presence of even a perceived threat to our own, I would like to have imagined more interest, more empathy, and at the end of the day, more action. But it seems acceptance is a bitter pill rewarded to anyone with a talent for myopia. I wish them well, and hope there are no side effects.


~ by courttianewland on 28/03/2011.


  1. Wise and important words – thanks as ever for this reminder

    N x

  2. Well said and has been shared.

  3. Yes! Thank you for saying it. I often feel like the voice of doom because I can’t *not* see what’s happening in our world and because I don’t know how to be a good girl and shut up about it. And I will admit that sometimes I doubt myself. I worry that I’ll shoot myself in the foot, or alienate all the bigwigs. And that is a very real possibility. But you know what? The bigwigs aren’t really listening, anyway, are they? If they were, I wouldn’t have to fight so hard to be heard.

    Anyway, thank you for writing this. I don’t have a huge platform, but I do what I can with the one I do have.


  4. Thanks Neesha. I empathise with everything you say and feel the same way. I’ll aspire to act as you will.

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