World Book Night

I watched the Culture Show’s coverage of World Book night with interest and a little nerves, it has to be said. Sue Perkins lively examination of why crime fiction and romance sells was better than I’d thought, aided by her passionate presenting – you could tell that she loves books – and her lively, irreverent manner. Her last point, which I found semi-valid, was that literary books were written well, and bestsellers had good, page turning stories; couldn’t there be a place where both get along and walk hand-in-hand towards the sunset?

My first thought was, ‘You know, she really needs to read more widely…’

And then I was literally talking back to the TV screen, saying ‘Yes, there is! It’s just that you guys don’t cover those books, or their authors!’

So, in honour of World Book Night, Sue Perkins, and all those literary storytellers, here’s a few authors that the Culture Show and most of those TV bookshows overlook in favour of the so-called ‘bestsellers’. The ones that combine good writing with a compelling story. Check them out, they’re alive (mostly) and writing and they need your support.

N.B. – I’ve confined my list to those that have written three books or over; nothing I love more than being able to ‘follow’ an author’s body of work.

Rupert Tompson

Victor Lavelle

Colson Whitehead

Percival Everett

Ray Banks

Octavia Butler

Earl Lovelace

Richard Price


~ by courttianewland on 08/03/2011.

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