The Collective Writing Workshops

A monthly creative writing class for writers of African descent, THE COLLECTIVE is a 3 tier workshop that looks at a different aspect of creative writing in each module. Run by experienced tutor Courttia Newland (Arvon, City Lit, Trinity College, Dublin, British Council) these ongoing sessions help writers unlock their creative energy, engage with a support system of fellow writers, and explore an exciting literary canon that draws on the best writers from across the globe. All writers are welcome, we only ask that they are aware our focus will often be writing by and for the African Diaspora.

Workshops are three hours, from 11:00-14:00.

Classes run as follows:

MODULE ONE: GENERAL WRITING EXERCISES – short tasks to get you going and explore your work.

MODULE TWO: GROUP CRITIQUE – Three writers from the group send a max of 2,500 words at least 2 weeks before this session. Extracts are read and critiqued by the group for invaluable feedback.

MODULE THREE: THE BOOK CLUB. We select an author, read their work and invite them down to our Collective to hear them read and answer questions! A chance to get up close and personal with our favourite authors! Our last guest was the amazing Rupert Thomson, and we have already confirmed Monique Roffey for a future appearance…

And then we start again from MODULE ONE

The fees are as follows:

OPTION 1 – 3 sessions = £90

OPTION 2 – 2 sessions = £90

OPTION 3 – 1 session = £50

If you book OPTION 1 you are also entitled to a free 1-2-1 tutorial lasting an hour, where Courttia will give detailed feedback on your work. Payment is accepted in cash before each workshop and single sessions are best taken in the first month, with MODULE ONE: GENERAL WRITING EXERCISES.

For queries or bookings please contact Courttia Newland –



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2 Responses to “The Collective Writing Workshops”

  1. Hi Courttia,

    I much enjoyed the TellTales reading at the S Bank back in 09. I wonder what’s happening with TT these days, as I heard there were plans for an online journal, which i submitted to and had a positve response then a couple of emails saying the editors would be in touch in Oct. But not heard anything since….? If you happen to know anything about this I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know.
    With best wishes, Karen

  2. Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my quetosins are answered!

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