YES! Someone was crazy enough to publish my latest collection of short stories, A BOOK OF BLUES, which will be available from the 30th March 2011 from the good people at Flambard Press. Thanks to everyone who’s kept me going through this one, both spiritually and economically! :0)

For more details see below:

‘One of the most imaginative, free-thinking writers working today. I love his work.’ Sarah Hall

‘Courtia Newland is a force for literature. You can almost feel the heat radiate from the page, the warmth of love and the burning flame of discovery.’ Lemn Sissay

The blues speak of many things, love most of all. In these contemporary, often humorous and frequently surprising stories, Courttia Newland’s collection of family, friends, lovers and strangers endeavour to navigate a world where love presents as many obstacles as opportunities.

A music journalist suffers a crisis of faith in Miami. Young London goes hip-hop crazy circa 1988, turning from Farah’s and Clarks to baggy jeans and fat-laced trainers. Old friends make a belated attempt to reconnect disparate lives, and a social recluse finds an unexpected companion in a Victorian cemetery. Threaded with the constant pulse of music, A Book of Blues explores both physical and internal landscapes via the never-ending diversity of human relationships.

Weaving dialects and maintaining remarkable empathy, these heartfelt tales explore intimate moments of quiet drama.  Newland composes vivid, inimitable songs of self-discovery, tenderness and hope.

‘Newland’s characters take the reader on an emotional roller coaster – one minute you’re laughing, next you are in suspense.’ The Voice

‘A truly gifted storyteller.’ Time Out

Published: 30th March 2011

Price: £8.99


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