Hey everyone,

Much apologies for numerous reasons. First, because I haven’t been posting for a few months, mainly because I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work. I recently went to a reading for James Miller’s new novel Sunshine State (Abacus, buy it!), and some people in the audience were outraged when he said he can’t blog regularly and write books. While I appreciate that some of us have Obama-like time management skills, and have more fingers in pies than Mr Tickle (leave it), I’m not one of them. Writing stories, plays and Novels for me sometimes takes up valuable blogging time. In fact, I’m only doing this right now because I have a window while I wait to hear back on a draft of something. But anyway, I feel that I must apologise for my silence.

Second, I’m saying sorry (instead of apologise – try typing THAT over and over again) because I gave you guys a chunk of the story Underground and then didn’t give any more! I know it’s bad, (very) but I suddenly realised that if i put it up here I can’t enter it for any comps. Therefore my path toward literary greatness is curtailed. So I decided I’d give you guys something else, but then I got inundated halfway through that and… The short version is, the Dog ate it. No, I’m telling fibs. Sorry about that too. I haven’t finished it. Sorry, sorry, sorry. As soon as i have, you’ll get it. Mwah ha ha ha haaaa... I’m also sorry about my wack manic laughter. Next time I’ll be more manic. Promise.

The third sorry is for this inane blog about sorry’s. I always said I’d never write a blog unless I had something to say that doesn’t consist of what I had for breakfast, or the mould in my fridge, or the intense convo I had with another writer over coffee (as if; everyone knows writer’s don’t talk to each other). And here I am going on about saying sorry. It’s rubbish really, I should know better. So sorry about that. It won’t happen again. I’m probably fibbing about that too but there you go. As Robert McCrum said, you can’t trust writers.


~ by courttianewland on 18/05/2010.

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