So, I’m standing on the train platform and I look up at the wall and I realise it’s the old Jack Daniels poster. You know ‘Mr Jack Daniels was no saint, but he started something of a religion’ – that type of thing. And I’m reading the poster, and waiting for my train, when it suddenly hits me. JD no.7 whisky was brought to life in a place called Lynchburg, Tennessee. Does anyone else wonder how that town came by it’s name? Care to guess?

Now I know why there’s never any black people in those adverts…


~ by courttianewland on 02/12/2009.


  1. Thought the same thing the other day waiting in kilburn park, i see it every day. Lynchburg hey, its a shame that we dont see or read between the lines when we buy or consume these products i.e. timberland boots lynching tree….. any way i’m a young fan and i’ve read most of your books apart from 1c3 need to get it. You are an inspiration to a young person who loves literature, 9th wonder, jdilla and japanimation. keep up the work i really dont think i would of made it to college each day if i didnt have something to read on the tube other than the metro or look at the lele face people dem with their 40k per annum salaries. thankyou

    • Hey, thanks for your comment and the good vibes, good to know you reach people every now and then. I do wish we were more discerning with our economic power although I’ve been heartened by the response to the crises in Haiti. And funnily enough I’m a J Dilla/9th fan too, it’s cool how these things mix and match.

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